Top three destinations for bareboat charter

A bareboat charter is where you hire and sail the yacht yourself and you get no crew, just the yacht. A bareboat charter is different from a skippered charter, where you hire a skipper to sail the yacht for you, or a flotilla where you sail as part of a group alongside other yachts. 

Bareboat sailing allows experienced sailors to take a yacht and plan their own itinerary. 

Greece, Turkey and Croatia are the top three bareboat charter destinations of the world and the travel agents of these places offer many lucrative sailing packages that can go beyond any traveler’s expectation. 

Greece is like the ‘sailing capital’ and famous for its serene atmosphere, stunning island scenery, favorable wind conditions and safe anchorages.

Turkey offers exciting and predictable sailing conditions. The morning brings bright sunlight and variable breeze which fades up as the sun goes down and the islands become calm and peaceful. 

The Croatian coastline is perfect for sailing holidays. It has over 1,000 dazzling islands and all of them are located very near to the mainland of the coast. Croatia offers safe and easy navigation in the crystal clear marine waves. 

Such a package in Greece will generally include the following facilities.

  • Fully equipped charter yacht
  • Full diesel, water & outboard fuel tanks
  • Gas cylinders
  • Linen and tea towels
  • Assistance from experienced staff
  • Hull insurance 

Such sailing package fee will include

  • Charter fee
  • Charter and berth tax
  • Transit log and initial harbor master fees 

All other personal things should be arranged by the tourists on their own. The fees are not high enough and suitable for any kind of budget. 

So, plan for a bareboat charter holiday to any of these three top most yachts sailing destinations of the world and take away an unforgettable memory back home. 

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