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Bareboat or Skippered Charters in Greece


There are three types of charters: bareboat, skippered and crewed. A bareboat yacht charter comes without a crew, with a skippered yacht charter you book  both a boat and a skipper, and you get a fully crewed yacht with a crewed charter. Among these options we are going to talk about the pros and cons of chartering in Ionion with skipper or booking a bareboat from Athens or Sporades.

Bareboat yacht charter

You are allowed to opt for a bareboat charter if you are a licensed skipper. When chartering a yacht without skipper, you will be obliged to have all the necessary certificates and documents that prove you can charter a bareboat sailboat.

A bareboat charter is ideal for destinations which provide you a significant number of ports in case of bad weather conditions and which have more easy-going sailing conditions.

The most ideal  sailing destinations are located in the Mediterranean regions are ideal for less experienced skippers and their families, like Croatia, Greece, Italy, Spain.

Skippered yacht charter

If you do not own a license to sail  a yacht or you are just want to relax, a skippered yacht charter is the ideal option for you.

Your charter company will offer you  a skipper who will steer the boat, decide on the route by your preferences, and keep you safe. Skippers are usually chosen not only for their sailing experience, but also for their social skills and special  knowledge about the favorable sailing destination. Your skipper will not only sail the catamaran, but also confide  in you some sailing secrets if you are interested in sailing.

A skippered yacht charter is ideal for non-experienced sailors and their families, for people who want to enjoy the sea and seashore experiences and sail under rough offshore conditions on some sailing destinations located further than the Mediterranean region. 

Your choice is up to you!


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