Charter a catamaran and enjoy easy cooking on Board!

Charter and Cooking On board a Catamaran


Boat Cooking is a Different experience in Catamaran Charters 

When you charter a catamaran in Greece and leave the port, you realize that a big challenge is ahead of you; you need to make up your mind about the meals that you are going to cook according to the provisions that you have purchased already.

People chartering catamaran from Athens or everywhere else in Greece have some basic principles for dealing with the challenge of being away from supermarkets.

• Planning and list-making before renting a catamaran in Greece.

• Innovation and creativity   A few good cookbooks and a stock of basic ingredient give you a lot of choices.

• Prioritizing due to limited space, limited water and heat inside the cabin.

• Good tools — sharp knives can replace a food processor and  Recipes designed to be made by hand

The amount of food you are going to take to your boat depends on the number of travelers and approximate assessment of how much each person can consume in a day, which refers to the non-perishable food when you sail a bareboat catamaran from Athens.The dairy products can be bought in quantities that you can use before they go bad since you can buy them every other day or whenever you are in port. There are no restrictions on how much canned food you may take on board. This also includes alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks.

So what kind of food ingredients to purchase before sailing? It is a good idea to buy according to meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner. For breakfast, you could buy dairy products, cereals, eggs, ham, jams and bread. For supper, you can have anything you want. But to be simpler, buy foods that can be transformed into light salads or sandwiches.


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