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Day Cruise in Athens Riviera


MICE events taking place in Cruise ships by Yachts- sailing provide both relaxation and business work on a private day cruise travel in Athens. Every theme cruise is customized according to the goals and ambitions of our client personalities, We invite you to explore how our experts can fulfill your personal demands.

Specialists on  MICE events  believe  that holding an event on a day cruise, it creates the  bonding  between company employees for your staff. It is believed that one of the main advantages of a full day cruise company gathering at sea rather than in a more traditional setting is offering  your  company personnel “the sense of a special event”.

 It’s unique in the sense that very few people would have lived and enjoyed a day cruise event on board. When you have for example, a travel conference it helps that everyone gets  to visit different destinations in such a short space of time, which is again something different from a normal conference.

It is believed that the intimate nature of being on a ship together for a period of time can help sessions seem more challenging for participants. Cruise ships can provide a great atmosphere for bonding and making social  connections and the unique venue can encourage people to attend.

All in all, when you charter a yacht from Yachts- sailing you take all the advantages described above in addition with the best price for your private business event as well as a fully customizable tour planning.


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