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Holidays on a Sailing Yacht in Greece, Hints & Tips for yacht rental


Endless hours at the beach, overlooking the blue horizon of the night sky and stars. Early in the morning one coffee cup, swimwear as pajamas and then dive into the deep. Only you and your buddies, in secluded bays, secret of many and yet the most popular islands. Holidays with a bareboat yacht or a skippered yacht if things go well with the sea, is a way of life, which however cannot be followed by all.

The reason is primarily economic: You will see that the yacht rental costs may not exceed what anyway count on our holidays albeit we have the opportunity to take a vacation. The sailing wants "job" -especially if it is the company that will take cruising issues, cleaning, cooking. Moreover, such disruptions require very good relations between "copassengers" as the interface board is quite limited. Finally, the weather forecast is not always as accurate, one must be prepared for any ... adventures.

All this, however, does not seem to affect the sports enthusiasts, who in their majority are not Greek. As inform our related tour companies, 8 out of 10 chartered sailing or motorboats are rented by foreign tourists who come to Greece just for that reason. For this year's high-season even most yachts are already booked.

Renting a yacht

Usually the sailing boat hire process for holidays will get someone who is already sailing license (bareboat sailing) -is also more advantageous, as it will not need to hire skipper. Moreover, the new law allows the boat rental only if at least one person has the specific qualification and necessarily another person sign a statement that has a maritime experience and can help if necessary. If this does not apply to you, and yet you want to travel, calculate that, depending on the company in which you will end the remuneration skippered, specialist that sailor-skipper, ranges from 150-250 euros per day.

And the yachting rental cost depends on the size, type and construction. Speaking of small sailing meant a length of 8 to 10 meters, which usually has two cabins (up to four people) and is intended more for short trips. A mid-ship reaches 13 meters, has a kitchen, living room, bathroom with shower and can accommodate up to six people. The large sailboats in Greece usually range to 15 meters, although clearly there are larger, they are ideal for long trips and can accommodate eight or more people.

In addition, prices to rent a boat change depending on the period (as, indeed, and hotels), whether you want fully equipped (eg with sheets, towels, GPS, autopilot, food and water) and whether you will undertake cleaning or hire staff. Finally, the role of money you spend will play and whether you will use the boat engine, ie how much oil (or gasoline depending on vessel type) will need.

How much money do I need

We contacted three companies hire sailing and informed about the costs of this season:

1st company: The company's managers emphasize that no one should be informed of all accessories charges before a vessel enters the process to rent (eg skippered, fuel consumption, cleaning). As for food supplies that will take the travelers, these can be undertaken by the company, if requested, and always the demands for  the vessels of the sailing company  are clean sheets and towels. About the prices of the current season, a boat of 8 meters, which can accommodate up to six people for a weekend in the Saronic costs 500 euros (about 85 euros / person). For a larger boat, which can accommodate eight a.m. to ten a.m. people, for a week during the 'high season' July-August, the price ranges from 3000-5000 euros.

2nd company: Our office manager informs that on a sailing barefoot (without skippered, that is), average age and capacity of ten people (5 cabins with double bed), the cost of renting in high season for one week (eg . Saturday to Saturday) is around 3,300 euros (about 47 euros per person per night). This amount should be counted the cost of fuel (approximately 150 to 200 euros for a week), port taxes (2-3 euros per day, depending on the island), the cost of power and water in the ports albeit it to spend the night in port (no more than 15 euros for one week) and of course the cost of supplies (food, drinks, etc.). If your total cost seems excessive, consider that it is much cheaper than to visit two or three islands in the same period – in any case the purpose of sailing is to visit more than one island.

3rd company: Indicatively, for a week in early July rent boat 11 meters, age 2004/2005 with 3 double beds, a bathroom and a sofa bed (6 people and 2 in the living room), with 1,500 euros. In mid-July rent boat 14 meters, with 4 double beds and a pull-out couch in the living room (sleeps up to 10 people) and two bathrooms, which will receive Kos and will leave in Rhodes, with 2,300 euros.

Where to travel

Depending on the board size, the experience of the captain and ... vacation days you have, the yacht gives you the opportunity to travel to numerous destinations in Greece -and certainly more than one:

* In the Saronic Gulf and the northeastern Peloponnese, where you can discover beautiful bays at the back of Poros and Aegina, and discover unique beaches inaccessible sides of Hydra. Estimate, without limitation, that the journey from the marinas of Alimos and Kalamaki to Poros can last around four hours.

* In the Cyclades, which thanks to winds create appropriate conditions for a journey in a boat. So from Piraeus or Lavrio to get to Syros, Paros, Naxos and any other island in the Cyclades wish. The journey from Alimos and Kalamaki for Paros, without stopping, is estimated at around 10 to 11 hours.

* At Sea, which is famous for its excellent harbors and unique bays, which are quieter. Ideal destinations are Kefalonia, Lefkas and Ithaca. For these islands you can rent a sailing boat from local offices-companies. Calculate the average speed at which it travels a sailing off is approximately 7 miles per hour.

* In the Dodecanese, with Kos and Rhodes dominating preferences while you sail and the beautiful coast of Turkey.

* In the Northern Sporades. Indeed, thanks to the short distance between them (Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos) you can in a short spin the time and discover among them wonderful smaller islands with sea caves and incredible landscapes.


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