• Sailing in Sporades

    Charter a Sailing Yacht bareboat or with skipper

​Sailing in Sporades


Sporades Islands are an ideal destination for Skippered or bareboat sailing yachts for charter.

Tsougria island outside Skiathos 

Located in the northwestern Aegean next to the Pagasitikos Gulf and the beautiful Pelion and share the same physical beauty: green landscapes in blue and crystal clear waters. The Sporades consist mainly of three islands: Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos, and about 20 islets or smaller islands. Skyros, located further south, is also included in the Sporades. The eastern Skopelos and Alonissos are part of the National Park of sea, an area of rare biodiversity. Skopelos is the birthplace of the loggerhead turtle while Alonissos - and the magical island 'Planet' in the north are the residence of the Monachus-Monachus seal.

Select Sailing Boat (The charter yachts  are based on Skiathos and Volos)

Conditions in Sporades. Throughout the summer the wind force is softer in relation to the central Sea - the seeds are west of the main direction of the wind. Months with stronger winds (July - August) the intensity in the Sporades region does not exceed 4-5 Beaufort, offering ideal sailing conditions and relaxation. The southerly winds, which probably occur during the winter months come with more intensity and cause more problems. Moreover, the islands between them are within walking distance so it is not difficult to find protection in one of the many bays of the islands if our 'catch time'.

Suggested Sailing Routes in Sporades

Panormos, a unique bay in Skopelos - Sail in Greek Waters

Generally, two to three things need attention when sailing in Sporades:

The island has a limited number of inlets for the night, especially on the south side. Lalaria North is beautiful, but it is open and is not recommended for the night, and even with calm. Similarly, the best side for anchorage in Skopelos is the southwest side (opposite Skiathos). Alonissos has beautiful bays on the east coast, above Patitiri and opposite the island of Peristera.

The wind and the waves become more pronounced in the north of the islands and the passages between them (a phenomenon which is natural to apply in most areas). There  has been intensive wind around 20 km / h between Pagasitikos - Skiathos disappearing passing north of the island.

Periods of the day prevailing northerly winds in the evening are weakened, but happen and turning direction. Locals then warned not to sit 'committee' but only anchor to tie rope and the rocks (or second anchor that is not common) to avoid cycles in the evening, with the risk ultimately to remove the anchor.

The most important is to protect the rare natural environment and avoid any provocation of Pollution (fuel, engine fluids, detergents, trash, etc.)

Volos and Skiathos have a large number of reliable sailing boats for hire, and many of them delivered in 2014. Therefore there are many options in motor yachts or sailing yachts  to meet every desire. Rent a yacht from Volos or Skiathos, or contact us for any other preference.

On the other hand, there are often offers for one-way trips (usually Sporades from Athens, towards the end of summer), so in this way you can make sailing excursion at an exceptionally low cost. Monitor offers announce (usually spring - summer) to take advantage of  low prices, or subscribe to our newsletter to receive our offers in your email.


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