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Sailing and Motor Yacht Charters in Greece

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Greece is one of the most beautiful places, a favorite motor yachts charter, and sailing charter destination among the most elite travelers. The Greek islands offer incredible experiences of sailing holidays in Greece to all kind of tourists for yacht charters.

When you rent a yacht, you can enjoy yourself, and spend time at places you dream of. You can just anchor at any Island you choose. It is always an option to visit a popular and famous Island or not on motor yachts charters in Greece. You can really see the culture and enjoy the people and customs as well as the great food on sailing holidays in Greece.

At the end of each day you can get back on your motor or sailing yacht and get yourself relaxed with a good dinner on board. You can take in so much more when you are running the show and not relying on a cruise ship itinerary, so yacht charters in Greece are the answer.

Yacht charters in Greece can be booked from ATHENS (Alimos and Lavrion marinas) and CYCLADES islands (like Mykonos, Paros, Santorini) to IONIAN sea (from Lefkas or Corfu) and the NORTH AEGEAN (from Keramoti in Kavala). Other popular destinations in Greece include HALKIDIKI, SPORADES (Skiathos island, Volos), DODECANESE (Kos and Rhodes islands) and CRETE (Heraklion).

You can hire a motor or sailing yacht for up to 10-12 people or even book a larger yacht for 30-50 on sailing holidays in Greece.  You just use the yacht finder or the availability check and make your choice. An intimate group of a few friends with a cruise to the Greek Islands can be the trip of your life. You can set your own itinerary and time tables, and you can also change it as you go. Sleeping onboard the motor or sailing yacht, avoids packing and unpacking when you get to a new Island.

Luxury motor yachts charters in Greece can get together with friends and search over some Charter Yachts on Yachts-Sailing.com (motor yachts or sailing yachts ? either catamarans or monohull) and chose your marina or base to start from. Take a vacation together. You might be surprised at just how inexpensive it is to take a Yacht rather than to pay for a cruise on a cruise ship for all of you. You can put your funds together and have a wonderful time in Greece and the Greek Islands of the Aegean sea or the Ionian sea.

This is also an ideal way to spend yacht charters in Greece as honeymoon or an anniversary. You can have romantic nights on the yacht and exciting days on the Islands with renting motor yachts in Greece. What a wonderful way to spend a week or two on a luxury motor yacht or even an amazing sailing holiday.. What a great gift to give for a wedding or anniversary. Can you imagine the memories you will share. It would be the vacation of a lifetime for anyone. Sailing holidays in Greece and the beautiful Greek islands are waiting for a life experience! Go ahead and book a yacht now on yachts-sailing.com and experience yacht senses!


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